Done and Dusted

Well yesterday I spent the day touching up the last few things on my research report, and today I got it printed out and bound. Its now finally handed in, and I would like to say a big thankyou to everyone that helped me with my project throughout the year, especially to my partner for supporting and encouraging me, and to my supervisor Clare for helping me keep on track, and giving me some great advice along the way ūüôā



5 days to go!!

Cant believe how fast this year has gone, just 5 more days till my project report is due. I am currently working on finishing off my 3D definition and discussion today, then I will work on my conclusion over the weekend. This should then leave enough time to go through and proof read it, ready for publishing before Wednesday next week.

2 Weeks to go

Well Term 4 started today, after having two weeks break that wasnt much of a break as I finished off two other assessments for another class that I am completing this semester, and I worked on another assessment and my project report when I found the time. I chose to get two out of the four assessments finished in the first week of the holidays so that I had plenty of time to concerntrate on my project. Then the long labour weekend came around and I took the opportunity to take a few well earned days off before the Term started.

Was abit of a slow start getting back into it today, I have sent my project report to my supervisor to read over so that I can get some feedback, to make sure that Im on the right track.

For my research project I believe that I have gathered all of the information that needed to be gathered, this is now all written up, along with the background and introduction for my report. Over the next 2 weeks I want to focus on my conclusion, recommendations, abstract and appendix. And work on tidying up any other parts of my report that need my attention.

Week 10 Progress

This week I have just been concerntrating on analysing all of my survey data, and then adding it to my project report. Once this is completed I am going to do some more research on the effects that 3D might have on people e.g. can people who are colour blind view 3D website content?

By gathering this information I will then be able to take into consideration if the 3D website is ever implemented for the MNWC Area.

Week 9: Seminar Week

This week I worked on my presentation for my project presentation. During the seminar I took the time to gather some more survey information from students, to find out how much they know about 3D web. As in my information that I have gathered from my surveys already a trend of little public knowledge about 3D web has come to light, and I was interested to see how much IT students knew about 3D web.

Week 7/8 Progress

Over the last couple of weeks I have just been gathering information for my Project, via a survey. I will be taking the survey down this Friday afternoon, so that next week I can start analysing the information that I have recieved. I also hope to recieve some analytical information about the website as well.

While my survey is still being completed I would like to concerntrate on my presentation for my project seminar, which is due next Thursday. To start my presentation Im going to use the guidelines that are given in the seminar assessment document:

  • the problem being studied
  • the method being used
  • the main results (if any) so far
  • problems identified / undergoing (incl. time management issues)
  • any themes / conclusions / reflections emerging throughout the project work

This week I have also been focusing on my project report. I have completed what I can so far in my research background, and findings. I will continue working on this next week, once I have analysed the survey information.

Week 6 Progress

Alot of progress has occurred involving my projects survey this week. The final copy of the survey was approved by my supervisor on Monday. After that I went about seeking permission to get my project survey up on the New Zealand Pony Club Associations main web page, as I found that this would be the easiest way to get the survey out to my target audience, as most of them would go through the main page of the website, before going to the Marlborough Nelson West Coast section.

After contacting a couple of people about the possibility of making this happen I am pleased to announce that my project survey is now available online for the whole nation to see at the following website http://www.nzpca.org/new/home.php. Now all I have to do is wait for the survey results to start coming back, fingers crossed that they start coming in soon.